Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications for Beginners

You always see on Rails forums, rails newbies asking about their best option for hosting their small web app.

In the world of php, deploying is a much simpler process with choices among thousands of good cheap hosts.

When it comes to Rails less options are available, although significantly increasing these days, and process is more complicated.

The biggest issue arises when you are like me a Windows user and developed your app on your Windows machine. Of course, the first thing every other developer may tell you is to move to Linux (Ubuntu is by far the most popular).

Actually moving to Linux for Rails developers may be the right decision which I still have not taken. And this is why I made this blog.

( As you may have already noticed I usually target new rails developers on Windows )

So the most recommended host for beginners, is Heroku, extremely to use and usually it is easy to move your site from your local Windows machine to their servers. The problem with Heroku is their prices. They have a free basic account, but does not offer much, if you get some traffic, soon you will have to upgrade and rate will jump drastically.

After some research I found that my best bet is to use Digital Ocean

Their basic account is for $5 a month, no other Rails host can beat that, trust me.

Now after registering with Digital Ocean, I found it a bit complicated to move my local Rails App to their cloud, so I was introduced to Cloud 66

They say it very clearly: Cloud 66 makes deploying and running of Ruby on Rails apps simple. And it is so true. All you need is your Digital Ocean account, and your app on github. Cloud66 will analyze your code and create the right environment on Digital Ocean.


2 responses to “Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications for Beginners

  1. There is also helicon zoo for hosting rails applications on Windows. While it isn’t the most user friendly thing in the world, it works great.

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