How to get help while developing in Ruby on Rails?

Am sure I will need to search online help almost everyday in my first year developing RoR.

Here where am currently posting my questions:

stackoverflow: the best. make sure you tag your questions well. But I will let you know about the amount of responses I get. Am really not sure how is the RoR community on stackoverflow, but I have used for other coding questions, and I found it to have a great deal of experts, and used to get Drupal related answer within 48 hours.

ruby on rails talk on Google Mailing List

I have posted one question there. a few minutes ago. I have no experience using Google Groups. The interface looks like from the 10 year old Internet. Anyway I will be updating you about the Google Group RoR community.

If you are in The States, not my case. You can call the free  Rails Hotline.

There is also Rails Mentors, which relies on rails experts volunteers ready to help beginners.

There is also the Rails Forum , I have not tried it yet.

Working with Rails forum, I have not tried it yet, but does not look to be very active.

Also the reddit rails forum seems to be active

Facebook Groups:

Ruby on Rails: Almost 10,000 members by the time of writing this with excellent administrators, keeping spam at bay!

Ruby on Rails Learning and Fun : Another but much smaller group.

Onscreen Expert  (added Sep 2013)  where you can hire experts who would help you by remoting to your machine. It costs from 0$ per hour (offered by the site founders themselves) to $150. Click here for rails experts.

Will keep the list of support resources updated.


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