Recommended Tools for the Ruby on Rails developer

After reading lots of users feedback, and watching top RoR developers tutorials.

I created the below list, which shows the best choice of “tool/software/server/…”in every category

Putting in mind that am talking Windows, not MAC or Linux..

Rails Installer: which includes the latest of Ruby,Rails,Bundler.Git,Sqlite

Console 2 instead of the default very outdated Windows Command Prompt. Console 2 support multiple tabs for example.

Use POSTGRESQL as production database, when your app is live.
Heroku as a host
Git for versioning, it is also a part of the Rails Installer bundle, they got also a nice desktop vrsion, but am using the command prompt instead of the desktop version.
Sublime Text 2 for code editing

RubyMine is the IDE of choice, but I would suggest learning Ruby on Rails using the command prompt and Sublime Text 2, this is the way most developers work.

As for the front end.

JS (Coffescript)/HTML5/CSS3(SASS)

Bootstrap a collection of CSS and HTML convention, it will help you not worry much about the design of the front end.


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