A Better Windows Command Prompt

If you are like me, developing Ruby on Rails under Windows. You will not stop saying ” only if ” when working on the default Windows command prompt.

The most “only if” you would see your self repeating is, “only if it had multi tab support”.

Well, it doesn’t.

In my opinion the best free alternative to Windows default Command Prompt is Console 2.

My top two features which I cannot beleive they are not implemented with Windows default console are:

– Multi tab support.

– Save default start-up directory.

One thing you should note is that to select a text on the screen you need to press the shift key. This confuses a lots of users.

– If you are looking for even more features but less attractive look and feel, you may consider these available Windows Command Prompt alternatives are:




Console 2 screenshot


One response to “A Better Windows Command Prompt

  1. Akash

    Nice article. FireCMD – http://www.brainasoft.com is also a windows command prompt alternative with more features.

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