Starting with Ruby

Unfortunately I have not been able to post the last couple of days, but this what I have been doing.

Learning Ruby.

Trust me, you will get very discouraged in learning Ruby on Rails if you don’t start with Ruby.

What you need to do first is to complete these two wonderful fun tutorials.

The best thing about them, is that you will be able to practice online. Yes, you can write code and compile it online.

So for now, you will not need to install anything.

These are the two tutorials, the first is easier and more compact and gives you a good overview of the language.

The second covers more topics and is better and more  seriousthan the first.

You must do both. the good news, both are free!

1. Code School , Try Ruby

2. Ruby Monk

I have completed both. And formed a good basis to try to dive into Ruby on Rails.

Once I start learning Ruby on Rails if I find that am always referring to Ruby documents and am getting confused, I will learn more Ruby. Then I will advise for more resources.


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