Ruby on Rails, Getting Serious

Many resources are available to learn Ruby on Rails, here are a list of the most popular ones: (Be sure am not affiliated to any resrouce)

1. Learn Rails by Example: This is the book and video tutorials I have decided to use. Highly recommended by many. And at the end you will create a serious web app from start to finish getting exposed to all tools a a real developer would use.

2. Agile Web Development with Rails: from the creator of Rails. In this book you will build a shopping cart with Rails.

3. Rails Best Practices: Many thinks this to be the best online programming course on the web today. I will probably do this one, once I finish with the first (Learn Rails by Example)

4. Rails in Action 3: A highly recommend book too.

So, I am buying the first resource. It is a bundle which contains the book in pdf and screen casts. You can read the book online for free

My next posts in July and August will be mainly all based on me reading the book and watching the video tutorials.

Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial Book Cover


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