Do you really want to get railed?

Who is this blog for?

  • You have just decided to start learning Ruby on Rails.
  • You have written code before. (even a simple Windows application..)
  • You know basic programming concepts and OOP.
  • You have no or minimal experience in Web App development
  • Have basic knowledge of CSS,HTML, Javascript.

If you answer “Yes” or “Kind of” to all of the questions above, you are the right person to follow my blog and get railed with me.

Riding the Rails

Riding the Rails

And now: The first ever free gifts for commenters!

Here is the deal, comment on this post, and tell me about you and why you think you need to follow my journey and get railed.

I will select the three BEST comments, (what is best? show true passion for this blog and convince me of having it).






You will get one of the two below services:

  • – Infographic design of 8 values you provide.
  • – Draw a Simpson character out of your picture
  • – Create a new photo slide show with 30 of your pictures

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